If there are any mistakes on your I-9, it may be returned to you to either redo or fix. Here are some common mistakes/reasons that your I-9 may be returned to you:

Section 1:
  • The information is incorrect (Make sure on the second line you put your birthdate and not the current date)
  • Spaces are left blank
  • Not signed and dated by employee
  • A mistake is scribbled out
  • A mistake is not initialed
  • A mistake is not dated
  • White-out was used
Section 2:
  • Something is abbreviated that shouldn’t be
  • A document is written under the wrong list
  • Document information is written on the wrong line.
  • The start date is incorrect
  • White-out was used

BYU requires a copy of every employee’s social security card to satisfy Internal Revenue Service’s regulations. You may mail, fax, or hand deliver the copy.

Note: This is a separate requirement from what documentation you choose to use for your I-9. Whether or not you use a social security card as a list C document, we still need a copy of your social security card. Unlike using your social security card for the I-9, we do don’t need to see your actual card

If you have been associated with BYU in previous years (as a student, employee, or participant in any conferences or programs), you already have a BYU Net ID. Please do not create a new BYU Net ID. If you are unsure what your BYU Net ID may be, please contact our office at 801–422–7647.

Change Your Password on Your Own

Make sure you have your BYU Net Id If you don‘t, call us and we can look it up for you. 801-422-7647 or 801-422-7150


  • Call the help desk at 801-422-4000
  • Ask the representative to reset your password. You will then receive a temporary password
  • Go to byu.edu/password
  • Enter your Net Id and temporary password
  • Create a new password that is at least 6 characters long with both letters and numbers

Change Your Password in the HR Office

The Human Resources office is located at HCEB 116. Be aware that this will add a couple of minutes onto the total time it takes to finish your hiring documents.